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Tea Wallet

You will need four 5″ x 7″ cuts of fabric and one 5″ x 7″ cut of interfacing, a button, and a 6″ length of ribbon. All seam allowances are 1/4″.
Tea Wallet

Attach interfacing to the wrong side of your exterior fabric.
Tea Wallet

Fold your pocket fabrics in half lenghtwise and iron.
Tea Wallet

Top-stitch the folded edge of your pocket fabrics.
Tea Wallet

Measure up 1″ from the bottom of your interior fabric and pin your first pocket into place.
Tea Wallet

Sew along the bottom of your first pocket, removing the pins as you go.
Tea Wallet

Line your second pocket up with the bottom of your interior fabric and pin it into place.
Tea Wallet

Sew along the bottom of your second pocket, removing the pins as you go.
Tea Wallet

With an erasable fabric pencil or chalk mark the center of your pockets and interior fabric. If you’ve cut your fabric exact this will be 3 1/2″.
Tea Wallet

Sew this line, you don’t have to go all the way to the top of your interior fabric, you only need to do the pockets.
Tea Wallet

Fold your ribbon in half and pin it to the center of your pockets and interior fabric on the right hand side, with the loop facing the left hand side.
Tea Wallet

Sew the ribbon into place, make sure you remove the pin.
Tea Wallet

Pin your exterior fabric to your pockets and interior fabric, right sides together.
Tea Wallet

Sew the pieces together, leaving a 2″ – 3″ hole in the bottom of your wallet.
Tea Wallet

Trim the corners.
Tea Wallet

Turn your wallet right side out. I use a knitting needle to push the corners out, but if you do this be gentle so you don’t push a hole in your fabrics.
Tea Wallet

Iron your wallet flat.
Tea Wallet

Top-stitch around your entire wallet very close to the edge.
Tea Wallet

Fold your wallet in half and mark where your button needs to go.
Tea Wallet

Hand sew your button into place.
Tea Wallet

Don’t sew all the way through your pockets, just the exterior and interior fabrics.
Tea Wallet

Insert your tea bags and you’re all finished!!!
Tea Wallet

You can also use this pattern to make a credit, debit, or business card wallet by simply making the following changes…

  1. Your fabric and interfacing should be 5″ x 6″ instead of 5″ x 7″
  2. Your first pocket will be 3/4″ from the bottom instead of 1″.
  3. The center will be 3″ instead of 3 1/2″

Wallet Wallet

Printer friendly version: Tea Wallet Printable.htm

Thanks to Darlene Thornton for turning this tutorial into a PDF file: Tea Wallet Tutorial.pdf

120 Responses to Tea Wallet Tutorial

  1. joannabags says:

    That is such a fantastic idea. I am always shoving tea bags into my back pocket whenever i go somewhere. Excellent idea and gorgeous photos

  2. Mindy says:

    That is such a sweet idea! Thank you for such an easy to follow tut!

  3. Barbara says:

    What a great idea. I didn’t think what tea wallet meant til I got to the end! I love my herbal tea so a great way to carry it about with me.

  4. mom2fur says:

    I’ve never seen anything like that! What an adorable idea!

  5. Peni says:

    What a great idea for little “ditty bags”…can’t wait to try it!!

  6. Great tutorial. I’ve really got to try to make one of these someday!

  7. I think I’m going to try making one of your bags. It ought to be perfect for Autumn. I’m just not a coffee drinker!

    Please come by and visit me!

  8. Tracey says:

    THANKS!! I am going to make some of these for small Christmas gifts. I think they’ll be great with a pretty tea cup or mug and a few cookies. Nice…

  9. Tractorgurl says:

    Thanks so much for putting this tutorial on here! I just saw one of these on ebay and they wanted 12.00!! I thought, “I can do that”, and it would make great gifts for girlfriends that like to take their tea on the go, like me.
    The exterior could even be embellished with laces or sequined. If your handy with cross stitch, you could even put an inital or name on the front.
    Thanks again for the instructions! [Don't for get your Splenda packets too!]

  10. Tabitha says:

    What a wonderful idea! Great tutorial, too. I’ll have to make one for my tea-fanatic sister-in-law. Thanks!

  11. Amy H. says:

    Cool! I just picked up a pretty teacup/saucer set for my tea-loving Aunt and this will be a great add-in for her package! Thanks! …. off to select fabrics from the stash…….. :)

  12. Thanks for the tutorial! My mom always carries tea bags in her purse and this is perfect for her for Christmas!

  13. Megan says:

    I just made one of these. Totally love it! Thanks for the great idea!

  14. lise says:

    Great tutorial, I’m gonna try it today!

  15. Dana Coombs says:

    Hi! I’m not much of tea drinker but I do carry the decaf coffee bags with me. Alot of resturants aren’t making decaf coffee, no big demand for it ; so I carry the bags and ask for a cup of hot water. Thanks much for the great tutorial! Dana

  16. Simply wonderful giftee for my DDIL, Danielle, who a tea drinker! Thanks for the fun pattern and great tute!

  17. Super Mom says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial. This afternoon I made up four of these for Christmas gifts.

  18. grannysquare says:

    I have a friend that has a million brands of tea. I’m going to make her one of these with tea and Splenda in the pockets. I think I will find her a fancy tea cup. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  19. Carolyn Sharkas says:

    great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

    carolyn s

  20. Leah says:

    Thanks so much, great gift idea, especially for those herbal lovers!

  21. Liana says:

    omg. how absolutely adorable!

  22. hmmmmmm, I should go measure my coffee packets and make one for coffee.

  23. Natalie says:

    Love the idea! I plan to make some. Is there anyway you could provide a print friendly version?

  24. Christy says:

    Absolutely, here you go… http://www.christyscreations.com/teawalletprintable.htm At the top left of your browser window you should be able to go to “File” then “Print” and it will print the pictures and instructions, no frills :D

  25. rosalie says:

    great gift idea thanks I received one as a gift.

  26. Tristana says:

    Thank you so much for this!
    Made it as a gift for a friend at work using scraps.

    The instructions were so easy to follow and it has turned out great!

  27. Sandra says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial! I plan to make some of these for cute little Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  28. rebecca dippel says:

    Its great. would make a wonderful gift for so many people who have to take their own tea bags. No more squished tea bags.

  29. Robyn says:

    Great tutorial!! These will make some wonderful gifts for my friends who drink herbal teas and also for a couple of Uni students I know that already have a wallet full of cards without their driver’s licence and account cards!

  30. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I needed a gift for my tea loving daughter and this was just the right thing to go along a cup cozy I made her. It’s one of the best Tutorials I’ve ever read. I found you though the Sew MamaSew blog and will post a picture of mine on Flickr. Thanks again.

  31. Jackie says:

    I made one for my British husband, and it was a big hit. I posted about it on my blog! http://www.jackiereeve.com/?p=916

  32. Cyndy says:

    I love this pattern!!! I made a bunch for my quilting friends for Christmas and they loved them. Very simple pattern with great results. Thank you very much for sharing.

  33. April says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! I made one for my mom for Christmas and will be making another soon for my mother in law. It is brilliant! and the tute was VERY easy to follow. I had trouble figuring out where to place the button, I am just not good at that, so I think for the next one I might just use some fusible velcro…..make a tab instead of a button loop.

  34. Thanks for posting this tutorial. I found the link on Ravelry, where someone was showing off a very cute one they had made.

  35. Becky says:

    Thanks for this tutorial and the print-friendly version too. I made three of these today. It was my first sewing project in a long time, and it was fun.

  36. Tristana says:

    Update on my post – you might like to see my attempt!


    Thanks again Christy!

  37. HOPE says:

    These are so nice..thanks for sharing each step..on my way to sewing now!

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Love this tutorial! I made a few of these as stocking stuffers for Christmas, you can see them on my blog! Thanks Christy!

  39. lifeasamama says:

    wonderful! my mom carries tea bags with her wherever she goes – so i know what she’s getting for mother’s day!

  40. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the super pattern and tutorial. I am just letting you know I am trying to sell a few in my Etsy Shop but I have linked ot you in both listings.

    Thanks very much, Amanda

  41. Sheryl says:

    Hi Christy! I just found your great blog this weekend and made a few of these tea bag carriers as Valentines gifts. They are viewed in my blog and I made sure to link back to your website. Thank you for such wonderful directions!


  42. Sharen says:

    Thanks for the lovely tutorial for the tea bag wallet! Such a great idea and will make wonderful gifties for quilting friends!

  43. Barb says:

    beautiful project and lovely children

  44. Little A says:

    Great tutorial! Thank you for posting it. Just made one for my best friend–quick, easy, and fun!

  45. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I’m going to make a couple of tea wallets, so I don’t have to carry my tea bags in a ziploc!

    I wonder what brand and model is your pink sewing machine?

  46. Christy says:

    Thank you all!!!

    The machine in the pictures is a Necchi Lelia. It’s a total workhorse and I love it!!!

  47. Maritza says:

    Fantastic and easy….thanks a lot to show us beautiful things… Congratulations for you… a chilean woman.

  48. Ebren says:

    Thank you! I’ve just followed this wonderful tut to make my own wallet. Really well produced instructions ~ thank you again. :)

  49. Henrietta says:

    I love this tutorial! thank you so much for posting it. Here’s the one I made for my fave cousin :) http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/kitty_tea_wallet

  50. Jenn says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. It was super easy and I made one for my dh for valentines. You can see it at my blog.

  51. tracy says:

    thanks, i managed to make one roughly like yours today after trial and error of trying to add rick rack to the edges, I gave up on that part.

  52. Renae says:

    Oh wow! That’s so clever! I’m making one tomorrow :)

  53. Perfect! I always need new ideas for things to make for my Mom. (And my sisters. And one for me…) And it will use up scraps, too!

  54. P. A. Manders says:

    Wonderful! I finally made my very first one for a gift. Your tutorial was excellent. I didn’t get left by the side of the road even once. Thanks so much!

    from a very amateur sewer

  55. Jodie R. says:

    Awesome! I plan on making one of these for my son to cart around those annoying fake credit cards that come in the mail. He’s only two weeks old right now, so there’s no hurry, but I love the idea so much that I’ll probably whip one up today!

  56. Susan says:

    Love this idea. I made one with a friend today.

    I don’t have a lot of sewing expertise and I do have questions about the loop. How big was the loop and how long was the tail that was left inside? Should I have trimmed the tail before turning and topstitching all around the wallet? And how wide was the loop in its raw form? It looks like you folded and then top-stitiched it. Right?

    Sorry about all these questions. And despite my questions we are sooooo happy with the result and will be making more. Thanks for this tutorial. :-)

  57. Christy says:

    For the look you can make it however wide you want. I have a store bought gadget to make my own bias tape, but here is tutorial to make bias tape without the “maker” http://creativelittledaisy.typepad.com/creative_little_daisy/2007/11/diy-version-of.html

    You can also just use ribbon or a lot of people have been using a pony tail holder (which is elastic). I leave quite a bit of tail inside, I like to have enough to know my loop is really secure and will definitely be sewn over by the top-stitching as well.

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  59. goshyarnit says:

    Thanks for a great tute! I made one for my sister’s birthday (she loves tea).

  60. azteclady says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I just made one for a friend, and your clear instructions made it a breeze.

  61. Joy says:

    Can’t wait to try. Have added it to my personal crafting to do list on my blog.

    Thanks much!

  62. I’m going to make two – one for me and one for my mom – for Christmas. The one for my mom I’m going to add extra because she always carries lemon packets with her teabags as well, so I want a little pocket that size for her too. I’ll post and let you know how it turns out. :-) Thanks for the tute!

  63. Tiffany says:

    Thank you! Thank you!

    I just made your wonderful tea wallet for my friend who can’t have caffeine! Living in England this is a real challenge for her at tea-time. As a Christmas giftie, I plan to fill the wallet with caffeine-free tea so she can have stimulant-free tea with her wherever she goes!

    Thanks again!

  64. Priscilla says:

    I’m gonna try to make these for my tea loving friends and one for me too! Thanks so much!

  65. Wendy says:

    These are great! Now I don’t have to dig for my bags in my purse. My sister will love one also, Hummm perhaps a christmas gift!

  66. mia says:

    Thank you so much for this! This was a fantastic pattern… here’s a photo of the ones I made: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35540375@N08/4131577347

  67. jennifer says:

    thanks for this awesome tutorial. I just whipped up two of these (and still had time to eat and do laundry) while my son was napping. These will be the perfect gift for my mom, an avid tea drinker.

  68. Lana says:

    saw these at a local Christmas farmer’s market just about bought one for MIL then decided I could likely find the pattern online and make one myself. I still need to add a button but it took me no time at all! and I really enjoyed it. I accidently used batting instead of interfacing but it still worked out great!

  69. Michele says:

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  70. Lynn Grate says:

    Now I know what I can do with the load of fat eighths that I bought last fall! They were so beautiful I couldn’t pass them up. Thank you for all your hard work in making the tute. You are awesome!

  71. Mimi ! says:

    Love these! Found the link for these on Crafster and just made 2 for my mother. However, I was too “lazy” to hand-sew a button on and did a snap with my snap press instead! Next time, will accomodate the location of the snap. (My apologies, I have no photo yet, left the camera at my son’s while taking baby pics!)

    Thank you so much for this cute little pattern! I also plan to make one for myself and my DIL !
    Thanks for sharing! Mimi !

  72. Diana Bracy says:

    Thanks so very much for sharing this pattern. A friend, Linda, made these as gifts and she pointed me to your link.

    Diana Bracy

  73. Carol O says:

    Thank you for this cute gift idea! My tea drinking friend is turning 80 and this is just what she needs!

  74. Genki says:

    I made one of these using your tutorial and some really cute teapot fabric.

    Check it out: http://menabilly.blogspot.com/2010/01/tea-wallet.html

    Thanks so much for posting this, it was really clear to follow and turned out great!

  75. Carolyn says:

    Can’t wait to try this out tomorrow.Thank you for this tute.

  76. marilyn podoll says:

    i JUST MADE THE TEA wallet for a friend. eaSY PEASY THANKS

  77. kaholly says:

    This fine project is next on my list!! Thanks so much. ~karen

  78. WilmaNC says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Gonna make some this week.

  79. Hannah says:

    Thank you for this lovely tutorial. I made some already and I think I will make some more in the future.

  80. Joy says:

    This is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing, Do I have permission to sell some?

  81. Christy says:

    Absolutely. I just ask that if you sell something you made from my tutorials, please link back to the one you used so others have the option of making it for themselves as well.

  82. Joy says:

    Will do! Thanks!

  83. Lori says:

    Does it matter what type interfacing you use. I used an iron on that had some stiffness. Wondering if warm and natural would work. I’m going to make a lot of these for little gifts. Thanks.

  84. Christy says:

    Warm and Natural would probably work, but you might have to adjust the size to allow for the added thickness when turning. I’ve seen some of them made without no interfacing as well, it’s just a personal preference. I like the crispness from the interfacing :)

  85. Jen says:

    I am a visual person. Would you ever consider doing a video and putting it on youtube.? The only ones they have are made from cardstock.

  86. Christy says:

    Unfortunately I can’t do a video :( When I bought the candle shop I had to pack up my sewing room to make room for the candle equipment. I’m hoping when we get our bedroom remodel finished I can put one of my machines in there, but it will probably be a couple months from now.

  87. Holly says:

    I made up a bunch of these and gave them out to all of the ladies in my family for Christmas. Everyone loved them and my mom and sister are still raving about them! I came back today to print out the directions so they can make more of the wallets for themselves. Thank you so much for a wonderful craft!

  88. Natalie says:

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

  89. Susan says:

    I don’t think I left links for the tea wallets I made. I love how they turned out. I have two links: (1) http://fruitfulwords.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/hostess-gift-for-tea-party/ and (2) http://fruitfulwords.wordpress.com/2009/05/28/two-more-tea-wallets/ Thanks again for sharing your ideas with us.

  90. Donna says:

    These are very cute.

  91. Ginny says:

    Glad to fine this, I don’t carry tea bags but I have to carry sweetner for my husband very few places carry the sweetners that he uses. Way better than the plastic bag of them in my purse. Thanks

  92. Satina says:

    This is awesome! What a sweet little gift for anyone on your list. Thank you so much for making it so easy to follow, and for making it printable!

  93. mooncalf says:


    Just wanted to leave a comment to say thank you for the tute. i’ve made a few of these now and I think they’re ace. I’ve posted about it on my blog with a link to your site.

    Thanks again!

  94. Valerie says:

    This is adorable! I managed to whip one up in half an hour, and it’s precious! Thanks for sharing your great idea.

  95. cate says:

    thanks so much for this! i’ve been looking at photos on flickr but couldnt figure out how to get the pockets done. cheers!

  96. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! They’re just adorable, and I can think of multiple ways to “adjust” them to hold things other than tea! …though as a tea lover, I’ll be making them to carry my own teabags as well!

  97. Jessica says:

    Thanks so much for this!! Everyone is getting one with tea for christmas.

  98. Desiree says:

    Thanks so much for the CLEAR tutorial. Loved making this!

  99. Ainsley says:

    Oh my gosh. Thanks so much! I saw this on My Delicious Ambiguity a few weeks ago, and put it on my “if I have time” list. Just whipped one up for my husband’s stocking, and I’m delighted with how it turned out!!

  100. cheri says:

    Thank you so much for a great tutorial. I used this tea wallet for my first sewing project and linked back to you. http://wifemomwoman.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/my-first-project-tea-wallet/

  101. Marianne says:

    thank you for this clever idea…I always have some teabags going wrong in my handbag!

  102. thebigmango says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial – it’s a great idea. Here’s the one I made: http://thebigmango.blogspot.com/2011/01/christmas-crafting.html

  103. Nenuphar says:

    Thank you for this lovely tutorial!
    I made one for my daughter and she has already asked for another for a girlfriend.

  104. Pam Nixon says:

    Love the pattern, thank you for sharing.

  105. Erin Breth says:

    Thank you for the fabulous tutorial! And your generosity to share! I always try to make homemade gifts for xmas, now more so with the economy not so great. And for chemo baskets made up for the patients when they go to chemo or come home… fabulous little perk in there for holding some calming tea for them!
    Thank you again!

  106. Jenny says:

    This is so great. I’m a tea drinker and I often end up at places that don’t necessarily have my tea of choice. I’m going to make a few and add a couple mini pockets for my Splenda sweetener packets so I can have those with me too. Great, very clear tutorial.

  107. denise says:

    I LOVE this idea and can’t wait to make a few for Christmas gifts!! Thank you SO much for sharing this easy to follow tutorial.

  108. Suzanne says:

    I just made two of these for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for the wonderful and easy tutorial!

  109. sheila says:

    I made these today. thanks for the post. I added a link to thison my pinterest page. hope thats OK

  110. Anne Bergsma says:

    I just made one of these in half an hour! I love little gift ideas…. Thank you. My sister is arriving after a long trip soon…. so it is for her.

    The tutorial was very easy to follow…. that is a great help.

    Thanks again.

  111. bea says:

    This is great, I will link to it on my blog.
    I had a guild meeting yesterday and they used a regular button and a hair elasic for the tie thing, I just made one….. but actually like yours better- all fabric! but how do you make the button? just a little stuffed yo yo?

  112. Pam says:

    Making these for myself and my tea drinking buddies. I put a link on my pinterest as this is were I like to keep my craft/sewing instructions. Thanks for the tutorial it was real easy to follow and that is what I need.

  113. Teresa says:

    Thank you for this great tutorial! I made one for a tea swap on Ravelry and plan to make several to give to our guild quilt show boutique to sell. ‘Course, I’ll keep one for myself too!

  114. Nancy says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I made one and put it on my blog with a link to your tutorial. It was fun and the instructions were spot on. Thanks!

  115. Kimberlee says:

    Thanks so much for this super cute and easy tutorial! Great pictures and directions, and the pdf is so handy. Thanks for sharing!

  116. shelly s. says:

    Instead of making the little tab for the button closure, try using elastic pony tail holders! They come in tons of colors, are fairly inexpensive, and really speed up the process of making these. See also mysocalledgreenlife.com/2011/08/how-to-sew-credit-card-wallet-business.html for a quick method to finish the bottom edge and avoid turning the entire caddy through a small opening to get right sides out. These two slight changes make quick work of making these for gift items!

  117. Carina says:

    Thank you so much, I have just made one for a Christmas present and it was so easy following your instructions I have planned to make a few more to keep aside for emergency presents!!!!

  118. Faith @ Artistic31Mama says:

    Hi there! I stumbled upon your site while browsing the web for Mother’s Day craft ideas. I loved this project and have included it in my 25 Kid Friendly Mother’s Day Crafts post. I’ve pinned this to my pinterest boards and am a new follower. I would love for you to stop by and check out your post… Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with the world. Happy Mother’s Day! http://www.artistic31mama.com/2013/05/25-kid-friendly-mothers-day-crafts.html

  119. Gail says:

    I made your tea wallet today from your tutorial, and it was very easy and your instructions and pictures very clear. It came out so CUTE! THANKS for posting your tutorial. I will make more of them for Christmas gifts. LOVE your pink sewing machine.

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