You really want to spend the extra change to buy the fabric covered button kit. The plastic mold makes fabric covered buttons VERY simple!
Button Tutorial

Lay the top piece to your button on your fabric and figure out exactly what color, shape, design you want to be on top, then draw a wide circle around your button. If your fabric is thin you may want to line it with a thin interfacing.
Button Tutorial

Cut your circle out, it doesn’t have to be perfect and lay it on top of the squishy part of the mold, then put the top piece of your button on the fabric and push it all into the mold.
Button Tutorial

Tuck all the excess fabric inside the button piece.
Button Tutorial

Place the back part of the button on top of the fabric, inside the mold.
Button Tutorial

Use the hard part of the mold to push the back of the button into the top piece. You will feel it pop or snap into place.
Button Tutorial

Turn it over and push your button out of the mold.
Button Tutorial

You now have a basic fabric covered button.
Button Tutorial

Flip your button over so the shank is facing up.
Button Tutorial

Push a plain pony tail holder through the shank.
Button Tutorial

Loop one side of the pony tail holder around the other.
Button Tutorial

Pull the side of the pony tail holder that is inside the other up until it is tight inside the shank.
Button Tutorial

You’re done, wear your new pony tail button and enjoy.
Button Tutorial

6 Responses to Pony Tail Button Tutorial

  1. katy says:

    where do you find the supplies? Thanks -

  2. Christy says:

    I found those button kits at Wal-Mart, handing next to the elastic and Velcro. Some of the sizes were being clearanced out so when I need more I’ll order from Repro Depot… and they’ve got just the refills too.

  3. Melynda says:

    I was looking for a tutorial like this just last week! DD is taking tap lessons and I wanted to make her some custom elstic ties for her shoes.

    I’m getting a button cover kit ASAP!!

  4. Miranda says:

    It looks easy and so cute. :)

  5. Nikki C says:

    Where can I get the plastic mold?

  6. Debbie2008 says:

    Another great use for this is as a CORD MINDER or CORD TIE: either for wrapping up a single cord, like an iron, or hand-mixer, etc; or for keeping multiple cords neat, like entertainment systems or computers.

    Great tutorial. Thx!

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